Error connecting to module chdir failed

Setting up BackupPC and cgywin on a Win7 system, I had the following error:

rsync: chdir /cygdrive/c/Windows/system32/C:\Users failed : No such file or directory (2)

After much research, I came across a forum post stating  that apparently, rsyncd is interpreting this as a relative path.  I changed my path from C:\Users to /cygdrive/c/Users/ and everything works!


One response to “Error connecting to module chdir failed

  1. Hi,
    I had a similar problem using Backuppc 3.2.1 and cygwin-rsyncd- on Windows 7.
    When I tried to backup C:\SomeDir (option “path = c:/SomeDir” in rsyncd.con), backuppc raised an “could noch chdir” error.
    Having found your note I changed path to “/cygdrive/c/SomeDir” and it worked.


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